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Norway is perhaps one of the most beautiful places on earth. It boasts some of the most magnificent scenery on the planet with its majestic mountains, sapphire-blue fjords, roaring waterfalls, midnight sun, and famous northern lights. It’s also teeming with rich cultural traditions, picturesque villages, and kind and adventurous people. To be able to experience all that Norway has to offer, we’ve put together the following Norway tour packages. The...
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When we say “Aurora Borealis”, we are not talking about the Disney princess Sleeping Beauty, who just happens to have the same name. No, when we say “Aurora Borealis” we are talking about nature’s spectacular light show, also called “The Northern lights”. The northern lights are very common in Norway, mostly during the winter. The best place to see this light show in Norway, is up in the north. Unfortunately,...
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Sign warning for crossing Trolls in a green valley between Ålesund and Åndalsnes, Norway
Summer 2016 has come to an end and we cherish great tours with lovely guests from all over the world. We look back on a very successful season and of course we aim for a continuation in Spring/Summer 2017! Over the next few months we will look back on some of our best days in 2016. Here is one of those unforgettable days, a 100% true story! When people hear...
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High green mountains surrounding the Geirangerfjord where two ships are in port, view from the Eagle Road
People coming from a big city might not be interested in farming. A trip to a farm may therefore not sound as exciting at first, however, this particular farm is not your average farm. However, we at Norway Excursions, had a tour a couple of days ago to the Herdalssetra farm and we would like to tell you why this tour is so special. What makes this fjord farm unique?...
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