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Trollstigen, or Troll Road, and its 11 hairpin bends
So you’ve decided on Norway for your next vacation and know that you want to go on some guided tours to get the most out of your trip. What’s next?
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The Seven Sisters waterfalls flowing into the Geirangerfjord
The good news is that there is no single best time of year to travel to Norway. Yet, each season has its unique features. Read about when you should visit Norway.
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To be able to experience all that Norway has to offer, we’ve put together the following Norway tour packages.
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When we say "Aurora Borealis", we are not talking about the Disney princess Sleeping Beauty, who just happens to have the same name. No, when we say "Aurora Borealis" we are talking about nature's spectacular light show, also called "The Northern lights".
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Sign warning for crossing Trolls in a green valley between Ålesund and Åndalsnes, Norway
One day really exceeded our own expectations with a temperature of 34,2 degrees Celsius, and on that tour we ran our beloved tour “from Fjords to Trolls”.
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