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Beautiful fall landscape of Vestvågøy, Norway with a dramatic pink sunset
The fall season is a beautiful time of year in Norway. The rush of the summer months has subsided and the beautiful nature that Norway is famous for exchanges its lush green vegetation for hues of amber, red, and brown. The days are a mix of bright-blue skies, crisp, cool air, mist, fog, and rain. Norway offers many ways to celebrate and enjoy the shift in seasons. We’ve put together...
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A view of Rampestreken viewing platform and the Romsdal valley, mountains, and fjord below.
Åndalsnes, the mountaineering capital of Norway, known for iconic spots such as Rampestreken and Trollveggen has added something exciting to its offerings for tourists and nature-lovers alike, the Romsdal gondola. The Romsdal Gondola The gondola, which opened in May of 2021, offers a new way to experience the world-class views of the Romsdal Alps and the fjord in Romsdalen. The gondola departs from the town center of Åndalsnes (next to...
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A birds-eye view over the beautiful Lodalen valley and Lovatnet.
One of our favorite regions to explore is Stryn municipality, especially in the summer. Sadly, it’s another season where we haven’t been able to welcome you, our beloved guests, due to the pandemic. So in the meantime, we keep exploring and revisiting some of our favorite places so that we’re able to continue to offer you well-informed and experienced excursions when you are able to visit. Our most recent adventure...
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a bonfire next to the ocean during midsummer
Summer is finally here and in Norway that means it’s time for Midsummer celebrations. In fact, Midsummer has been celebrated throughout Europe for thousands of years. It’s a joyous way to mark the end of the cold, dark days of winter and celebrate the return of the long, warm days of summer filled with endless hours of sunlight. As you might imagine, there are a variety of traditions and ways...
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A close up view from the crowd marching in the Syttende Mai parade in Oslo, Norway pre-pandemic.
Norway is gearing up for its biggest annual celebration and we thought we’d take you along as our plus-one. Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway celebrated every year on the 17th of May. It is simply referred to as “Syttende Mai” (17th May) and is a colorful celebration of Norway’s independence. History The constitution of Norway was signed on the 17th of May in 1814 and declared Norway...
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