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Due to limitations set by Ålesund Kommune we have decided to replace viewpoints on Ålesund the Ultimate Sightseeing tour.
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Sign warning for crossing Trolls in a green valley between Ålesund and Åndalsnes, Norway
Experience the true essence of Norway through local bookings. Immerse yourself in high-quality adventures at fair prices, with personalized service.
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The striking exterior of the Tindesenter Museum in Åndalsnes, Norway.
Møre og Romsdal is home to some great museums. We've put together a list of the best the region has to offer.
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Heddal Stave Church, Norway
The stave churches in Norway are the country's most important contribution to world architecture. Come explore these places of worship.
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Beautiful fall landscape of Vestvågøy, Norway with a dramatic pink sunset
We've put together a top 10 list of ways to experience Norway in the fall like a Norwegian, Read our recommendations to enjoy the season.
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A view of Rampestreken viewing platform and the Romsdal valley, mountains, and fjord below.
Åndalsnes opens a new gondola and more to do in the mountaineering capital of Norway!
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