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a view looking over the Geirangerfjord and the Seven Sisters waterfall across the fjord
We thought it would be fun this week to focus on the treasured World Heritage sites of Norway. There are eight in total: Bryggen, Urnes Stave Church, Røros mining town, the rock art of Alta, Vegaøyen, the Struve Arc, West Norwegian fjords, and Rjukan. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, (UNESCO) has a goal of identifying, protecting, and preserving cultural and natural heritage around the world that is...
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A panoramic view of the city of Trondehim, Norway
This week we’re going to focus on the beautiful city of Trondheim. This city is often overlooked by tourists in favor of the famous fjords, or the larger cities of Oslo and Bergen. However as Norway’s 3rd largest city, Trondheim has so much to offer. This is in part due to the city’s large student population, who number more than 30,000. The settlement was founded in 997 as a trading...
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A view of mountains emerging from the ocean in Lofoten, Norway.
Norway is a top destination for nature lovers. The country is renowned for its natural beauty and unique natural phenomena. We’ve put together the quick list of must-see natural attractions when planning your trip to Norway. Northern Lights This must-see phenomenon is on many a bucket list, and with good reason. It is magical. The experience of seeing the northern lights unbelievable colors dance across the night sky, is one...
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A view of Karl Johans Gate in Olso, Norway
If you’re visiting Norway from abroad there is a good chance that you’ll be flying into Oslo. Many tourists, when thinking of Norway, imagine the wild fjords and mountains found in much of the country. Oslo, however, offers a different type of Norway. Its landscape is more concrete than vegetation. While it may not offer the stunning views one imagines when picturing Norway, it is a vibrant city with so...
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A panoramic view of Lofoten's mountains and sea at sunset
Lofoten is an archipelago in Northern Norway known for its stunning scenery. With its dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea, sheltered bays, and beautiful beaches, it is a top destination for many travelers and landscape photographers. Its capital and largest town, Leknes, lies approximately 169 km inside the Arctic Circle, making Lofoten one of the world’s northernmost populated regions. Even though it lies within the Arctic Circle, Lofoten has one...
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