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Environmental Policy

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Norway Excursions AS is always striving to do better for the environment by improving any possible environmental issues.

Our company is proud to share the beautiful Norwegian nature with guests from all over the world. Travellers from near and far visit our shores to enjoy the spectacular landscapes with their iconic fjords and mountains, glaciers and forests. Being a locally based company, we take personal pride in showcasing the scenery that lies so close to our hearts.  We also want to ensure that future generations can enjoy these wonders. We believe that it is our common responsibility to take care of our beautiful planet – and it is important to us as a company to do our part in this. In a time with growing climatic concerns, Norway Excursions AS therefore strives to minimize any negative environmental impact caused by its operation and tours. We aim to do this by prioritizing and using vehicles no older than 2013 with minimum requirements of EURO 5 engines. 

Thankfully, we are not alone in aiming for this “green” goal. New environmental requirements for emissions and discharges in the World Heritage fjords (Geiranger), as well as several other Norwegian ports (for example Bergen), have already been implemented. This is expected to lead to reduced emissions in the years to come. National and local authorities began implementing them in 2019, and over the next few years the requirements will become stricter, further reducing emissions and discharges. We at Norway Excursions AS welcome these efforts in order to protect our planet; locally, nationally and internationally. 

We know that these concerns are important to tourists and travellers as well. Our guests can therefore rest assured that Norway Excursions manages its operations with a serious commitment to the environment and sustainability. We strive to do our part to ensure that the natural beauty of Norway, and the health of our planet can be enjoyed by many generations to come.


25. February 2020

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