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Norway has arguably some of the most stunning scenery in the world. As a result, it offers some amazing train journeys along its fjords and through its wild and dramatic countryside. We’ve put together a list of what we consider to be the  5 best train journeys in Norway.

A view of the flåm train traveling through the beautiful Norwegian countryside.
Flåm line in the Norwegian countryside

Flåm line

The Flåm railway might be the most well-known of Norway’s train rides as it is popular with tourists. The 20 km route is a scenic feast for the eyes and runs between the Myrdal mountain station and the end of the Aurlandsfjord. Every year tourists from around the world flock to the area to experience the train for themselves. The line runs alongside roaring waterfalls, epic mountainsides, and through a whopping 20 tunnels.

a birds-eye view of the town of Åndalsnes including the Rauma line.
The town of Åndalsnes and the Rauma line

Rauma line

While not as popular with tourists as the Flåm line, the Rauma line is arguably even more beautiful. In fact, Lonely Planet dubbed it as one of Europe’s most scenic rail journeys: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/europes-top-10-scenic-rail-journeys. If this praise isn’t enough to convince you to climb aboard, parts of the Harry Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, were shot on the Rauma Line. From Bjorli to Åndalsnes you will see some of the most incredible scenery as you wind your way through the Romsdalen valley, home of the famous Troll Wall (this blogger’s favorite area!). The journey is just over an hour and a half and the train is designed for tourism with panoramic windows and guides during the summer months.

The Nordland line on the tracks in Norway.
Nordland line, Norway

Nordland line

The Nordland line is Norway’s longest railway line. The 729 km journey between Trondheim and Bodø passes through varied landscapes from coastal scenery, picturesque villages, and dramatic mountain landscapes – It even crosses the Arctic Circle! From the Nordland line you can marvel at the midnight sun or the northern lights, depending on the time of year as this train runs year-round. The journey is a long one (about 8 hours) but is a wonderful way to see the scenery and travel North. Sleeping cars are available, but book early.

A view inside a train station in Bergen, Norway with train in foreground.
Train station, Bergen, Norway

Bergen line

Have you ever heard of “Slow TV”? Norwegians are obsessed with it. Slow television is a broadcast of ordinary events in their complete length. A popular “episode” is the train ride from Bergen to Oslo! Since then the journey has become a favorite with tourists. Many tourists transfer at the Myrdal station to experience the famous Flåm line (mentioned earlier). The Bergen line connects two of Norway’s largest cities (Bergen and Oslo) and travels through a stunning array of Norwegian countryside. From fjords, to forests, cities, villages, and mountains, this line offers it all on its 7 hour journey.

Trains at a train station in Flåm, Norway.
Train station, Flåm, Norway

Røros line

Named after the UNESCO World Heritage site of Røros, the Røros line is Norway’s oldest trunk line. It was built in stages from 1862-1877. the train travels from Hamar to Trondheim through areas along the Glomma river, the largest wilderness area in Scandinavia. Along the journey you’ll get to see many charming old train station buildings and if you’re lucky, maybe even a moose! The 382 km trip takes 5 hours thanks to the powerful diesel powered train. All aboard the Røros line for a truly memorable journey.


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