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One of our favorite regions to explore is Stryn municipality, especially in the summer. Sadly, it’s another season where we haven’t been able to welcome you, our beloved guests, due to the pandemic. So in the meantime, we keep exploring and revisiting some of our favorite places so that we’re able to continue to offer you well-informed and experienced excursions when you are able to visit. Our most recent adventure led us back to the municipality of Stryn. It offers some of the most stunningly beautiful nature that Norway has to offer, and that’s saying a lot! Plus there’s loads to do to keep the whole family entertained and keep those summer vibes flowing.

a wooden boat is docked on the side of the beautiful Loen lake in Norway.
A boat on Lovatnet in Norway


The village of Loen is in Stryn municipality and located at the eastern end of the Nordfjord. It is the center for many outdoor activities and adventures.

A woman walks across the via ferrata bridge in Loen, Norway.
Via ferrata, Loen, Norway

Via Ferrata Loen

For the most adventurous, the Via Ferrata Loen in an experience you will never forget. Climb high above the fjord and cross the 120m long Gjølmunnebrua suspension bridge, the longest of its kind in Europe. The bridge is at 750m above sea level and offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. The via ferrata starts behind Hotel Alexandra in the village and climbs up towards Hoven Mountain. To book please visit the Loen Active website.

Loen Skylift

If you’re not ready to climb the mountain yourself but are still wanting to see the spectacular views from Hoven Mountain, then the Loen Skylift is the way to go. A quick gondola ride will take you from fjord level up to 1011m. At the top you’ll enjoy fantastic views over the fjord and surrounding scenery while hiking around or while dining at the restaurant located on the edge of the cliff. From here you can watch brave base jumpers as they jump off the mountain below the restaurant. You’ll get your adrenaline going by proxy! For tickets and pricing go to the Loen Skylift website.

A view of the beautiful river of Loelva surrounded by trees, mountains, and wildflowers in Norway.
The gorgeous river Loelva, Norway.
A view of row boats docked on the side of Lovatnet, a beautiful turquoise-blue lake in Norway.
Lovatnet, Norway


As you make your way out of the village towards our next destination of Lovatnet, you’ll see a beautiful river known as Loelva. It’s worth a stop at least to hear the rushing of the river water or if you’re so inclined you can pitch a tent and camp for the night. Driving further you will see the gorgeous jewel, Lovatnet (Loen Lake).  The striking color of the turquoise water will take your breath away. Here you can camp, swim, grill, boat, and just enjoy the beauty of the area.

A view of Kjenndalsbreen an arm of the Jostedal Glacier in Norway.
Kjenndalsbreen, an arm of the Jostedal Glacier.


Continue on the road along Lovatnet and you will not only be rewarded with a scenic drive along Lovatnet, but also the chance to see part of the largest glacier in mainland Europe, Jostedalsbreen. The road ends at a parking lot and the trailhead for a short hike to the Kjenndalsbreen, an arm of the Jostedal glacier. This hike is quite easy and short (approx 10-15 minutes) and suitable for all ages. On your way back be sure to stop off at Kjenndalstova, a restaurant at the end of Lovatnet not far from Kjenndalsbreen. Enjoy some traditional Norwegian waffles or dip your toes into Lovatnet here. Be warned though as this end of the lake is cold!

The village of Olden on the Nordfjord in Norway.
Olden, Norway


Another beautiful village in the municipality of Stryn is Olden. Located at the mouth of the Oldelva river and the southern shore of the Nordfjord, Olden has storybook charm in spades. As you drive through this village towards the Briksdal glacier, you’ll be rewarded with another beautiful lake with turquoise water called Oldevatnet. There are also many opportunities for camping along this lake as well. Continue along the lake until you reach the parking lot(s) for the Briksdal glacier hike: Briksdalsbre fjellstove or the lower parking lot at Melkevoll Bretun camping and cabins.

A view of the beautiful Briksdal glacier, an arm of the Jostedal glacier in Norway.
Briksdalsbreen, an arm of the Jostedal glacier


Briksdalsbreen is the most visited arm of the Jostedal glacier, the largest glacier in mainland Europe. From a height of 1200m, the glacier comes down the Briksdalen valley to a small glacial lake. This hike is one of the most scenic hikes in Norway and attracts visitors from all over the world. The hike is filled with rushing waterfalls, rivers, mountains, wildflowers, and even goats! Though the glacier has shrunk over time, as evidenced by the markers along the hike, a visit to this National Park makes for a memorable day. The 2.5km hike takes about an hour each way and consists of a wide flat path with occasional inclines, the first part being the most difficult. The overall altitude gain is 200m. If you’re not up for the hike “Troll cars” are available to take you almost all the way to the glacier. Be aware, you will still have a short 10 minute hike to the glacier after exiting the cars.

The powerful and beautiful waterfall of Kleivafossen in Norway.
The beautiful and powerful, Kleivafossen.

We hope you enjoyed this look the many things to do in Stryn during the summer. We offer wonderful guided tours of Olden and the Briksdal glacier should you want to learn more about the area from an experienced guide.

To book a guided excursion to the glacier:

Olden the Amazing Briksdal glacier

Olden Private the Amazing Briksdal glacier

Happy summer!

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