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Alesund Private - The ultimate sightseeing tour

From EUR 1'049.50

Guided Excursion - Private excursion:

From the meeting point the bus will take you through several underwater tunnels to reach the first destination, the Island of Giske. This island is relatively flat and very fertile. You will find many farms and grazing cows and sheep. Giske is known as the birthplace of the famous Viking Rollo, who was the first Duke of Normandy and an ancestor of the British Royal Family. A photo stop will be made at the marble church, built in the 12th century. The excursion continues to the beautiful island of Godøy and its typical fishing village Alnes. Here you can enjoy an amazing view over the Atlantic Ocean, visit the lighthouse or go for a stroll on the beach.

After visiting the beautiful islands, you will be taken several centuries back in time to the years where most Norwegians lived a hard life, often were very poor and lived from agriculture and fishing. You will learn all about it at the Sunnmøre Museum. Our guide will lead you through the open air part of the museum where 55 old houses are located. Some are open, meaning you can take a peek inside. Several exhibitions can be visited inside the main building and in the boathouse you will learn even more about how life in this part of Norway changed over the centuries.

The excursion continues to Mount Aksla, from where you can enjoy the spectacular view over the city and its surrounding islands. After driving down the house-mountain, the bus will take you through the city center. The town has an unusually consistent architecture; Art Nouveau. Most of these colourful houses and buildings have been built between 1904 and 1907, after the fire which destroyed over 800 houses in the city center in January 1904.

NB: The National Road Authorities will be doing extensive maintenance work in the Ålesund area during the year 2018. As a result, the undersea tunnels leading to the islands around the city will be partially closed most of the time. The visit to the island of Giske will not be affected, however, the tunnel going to the island of Godøy will be mostly closed for construction work at daytime.

Should we therefore not be able to visit the lighthouse in Alnes, rest assured that this visit will be replaced with a visit to another exciting venue, which also focuses on Ålesund’s coastal and maritime history. After all, Ålesund is considered by many the “fishing capital” of Norway. This possible temporary change will not lessen the duration or the quality of the tour.

What is included:

  • Bus fare
  • Guided tour (English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Nederlands, Norsk)
  • Admissions (Lighthouse, Sunnmøre Museum, Mount Aksla)
  • VAT
  • Back in time guarantee (for cruise ship passengers)

Meeting point:

  • Keiser Wilhelms Street 6, 6003 Ålesund
  • The meeting point is within walking distance from the port/pier and most of the hotels
  • Be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time

Attention points:

  • Tour duration; 4½ hours
  • Difficulty; level 1, easy, suited for everybody
  • We advise all our guests to wear appropriate shoes and clothing

NB: In order for our excursions to be available for everyone, the time of departure/arrival of each excursion is set to match the itineraries of the cruise ships. In case a time of departure needs to be adjusted, you will be notified in time.

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From EUR 1'049.50

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Departure Ålesund AM 09:30 AM 10:30
Arrival Ålesund PM 14:00 PM 15:00


From the meeting point

  • Drive to Giske; photo stop
  • Drive to Godøy; visit
  • Drive to the Sunnmøre Museum; visit
  • Drive to the top of Mount Aksla; photo stop
  • Sightseeing through the ciy center of Ålesund
  • Drive back to the meeting point
  • The order of stops on this tour may vary


  • The old marble church on the island of Giske
  • The lighthouse in Alnes on the island of Godøy
  • Visit to the Sunnmøre Museum
  • Panoramic view from the mountain Aksla
  • City sightseeing


  1. Ålesund
  2. Ellingsøya
  3. Valderøya
  4. Giske (photo stop)
  5. Godøy (Alnes Lighthouse)
  6. Giske
  7. Valderøya
  8. Ellingsøya
  9. Sunnmøre Museum (visit)
  10. Mount Aksla (photo stop)
  11. Ålesund city center (Norvøy sightseeing)
  12. Ålesund city center (Aspøya sightseeing)
  13. Ålesund (Storneskaia)